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Treatment programme of our oncologic surgical department

As specialised discipline of surgery, the oncologic surgery attends to surgical and conservative treatment of growth diseases.
It is the speciality of this discipline that apart from the prominent surgical intervention a wide range of additional therapy possibilities is offered.

This includes

  • chemotherapy,
  • antihormonal therapy,
  • and immunotherapy.

An optimal continuity in treatment is guaranteed by joining these different therapy options. The considerable advantage for the patient is that pre-treatment in another department or transfer after the operation for further therapy is not necessary.
An important pillar of our treatment programme is the total inclusion of our patients into the healing process. With the help of all known data, we are drawing up a therapy plan if possible already before residential admission. This will inform exactly about the possibilities and goals of the treatment.
These counselling talks are offered by senior consultant Dr Müller during his out-patient consultation hours.

We kindly ask for making an appointment at the office.

As only a few other hospitals offer our specialisation, our figures of treatment and operations have steadily increased during recent years.

Not least the success of our treatment is shown by the increasing number of patients from European neighbouring countries.

Should you have any questions about the contents of this website or need more information as a patient, you may also get in contact with us. To correctly, gratuitous answer your queries all current documents, such as laboratory results, surgical reports and CT or MR images are required.
For submitting your request you can use the contact form

Herwart Müller, M.D.

Head of the Department of General Surgery in the Wertheim Hospital
E-Mail: Herwart.Mueller@swmbrk.de
Secretary: Anneliese Holzhäuser, Birgit Rauer
E-Mail: anneliese.holzhaeuser@swmbrk.de, birgit.rauer@swmbrk.de
Phone: +49 9342/303-5002
Fax:         +49 9342/303-5001
Reception: +49 9342/303-0
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Rotkreuzklinik Wertheim gGmbH

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